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Australian and New Zealand Shipping - how long, how much?

At we like to be quick, we'll send your order to you the next working day and a courier will deliver it to your letterbox within 3 to 10 working days. New Zealand can sometimes take a wee little bit longer (outside of our control!). Shipping for orders over $30 are FREE or it is $10 for orders under $30. Yippee! 

International Shipping - how long, how much?

We'll send your order to you wherever in the world you are for $15.  We'll send your order the next working day via Australia Post, and depending where you are it will take 10 - 30 days to arrive.

Can I track my order?

Yes! You should get a tracking number at the time of dispatch with tracking details.

Can I return my order?

We accept returns on unopened product in it's original condition, please get in touch with us at if you need to return your order.

Can I become a stockist?

Sure! We love to share the love - so send us an email at and we can chat.

What is Activated Coconut Charcoal and how does it work to detox?

Activated coconut charcoal (ACC) is coconut husk that has been carbon treated (or “activated”) to increase its adsorptive power. As carbon is alkaline it contains lots of negatively charged ions which gives it the ability to cling to the positive ions of toxins. This activation process opens up millions of micro pores within the coconut husk which then allows the ACC it to bind to toxins. This binding process then works in harmony with your digestive system to clean out your insides and escort impurities out of the body.

One teaspoonful of ACC has a surface area of more than 10,000 square feet (slightly bigger than Katy Perry’s mansion), giving it unique absorption properties, which is why it is used medically for alcohol and mercury poisoning.

ACC’s ability to obliterate everything in its wake makes it a pretty powerful detoxer, and due to that it works great as a natural hangover helper, natural teeth whitener, skin purifier as well as a great remedy for pains, bad breath, gas. Visit our how to use section for more uses.

Is Activated Coconut Charcoal safe to eat?

Yes, our Activated Coconut Charcoal is medical grade and safe for consumption, in fact that's exactly what it is for.  If you are interested in the detail - when you consume foreign substances such as alcohol, caffeine and other liver loaders, your liver prioritises converting those poisons to a manageable substance that the body can then get rid of. Regular consumption of activated coconut charcoal can help speed up the detoxification process giving your liver a chance to focus on the value adding part of its job such as making hair, skin and nails pretty as well as controlling emotions and hormones.  

Can I take Activated Coconut Charcoal with medication?

If you are taking any other medicine, do not take it within 2 hours of the activated charcoal. Taking other medicines together with activated charcoal may prevent the other medicine from being absorbed by your body.

In case of emergency, before using this as a medicine, call a poison control center, your doctor, or an emergency room for advice.

Will Activated Coconut Charcoal Stain?

Err on the side of caution, this can get messy – but don’t worry - Activated Coconut Charcoal comes off most surfaces if you rinse it off right away.

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I still have some questions?

At we love to chat - email us at and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.  Chicken or the egg?  We say chicken. 

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